A to Z Guide to Home Renovation

Taking on a vintage property can be enjoyable for those seeking to create their wish home, but focusing on how to start carrying it out up can be challenging. This series leads you through every level of the restoration process, from purchasing the building to adding the concluding touches.

Part 1 Finding & Assessing a Project

Virtually all properties involve some potential for restoration — the main element is evaluating design and financial potential before committing. This guide demonstrates how to determine that potential.

Part 2 Completing the offer

Run-down properties are in popular, with everyone seeking a job they can put their own stamp on. We go through the procedure for buying including buying a house at auction, covered bids, as well as how to financing the purchase with an expert renovation mortgage.

Part 3 THE LOOK Process

Natasha Brinsmead talks about where to get started on as it pertains to planning your home. Her guide includes tips about scheduling the restoration project; locating a artist; how much to cover design work; the reconstruction design problems to avoid; considering energy efficiency; and what you ought to find out about planning permission.

Part 4 Repairing and Restoring Existing Features

One interest of renovation jobs is the alluring original features they hold. But what now ? when they are in poor condition or missing altogether? This guide can help you understand when to correct period features so when to displace them. It offers guideline charges for fixing surfaces and advice on repairing roofs, fireplaces, doorways, mouldings, glass windows and beams.

Part 5 Structural Changes

This area of the guide tackles structural changes to your house. For example, you might add space or change the utilization of your places with a cellar conversion, garage transformation or loft transformation and some assignments will demand the knocking down of surfaces if you wish to do any interior remodelling. Costs of the changes is also described.

Part 6 Exterior Changes

Completely overhauling the exterior details of your home will change its look and how you experience it — and the glad tidings are that we now have ways of carrying out this to match all budgets. See how to update the surface of your house with new cladding, a fresh roof or a fresh driveway, as well as advice on the tiny changes that can make a major difference to the home renovation

Part 7 Extending

Sometimes there is no getting around the necessity to add extra space to a preexisting house. Natasha Brinsmead clarifies the main element things you should know to get an expansion right. This guide includes faqs about: expansion costs; planning authorization; building polices; design and stretching a Outlined building.

Part 8 Updating Warming and Electrics

A vintage house will most likely need the heat or electrics upgrading. Before you begin, uncover what you can certainly do yourself, what’s involved and exactly how much you will be charged.

Part 9 Eco-vation

Eco-vation or eco-renovation is the procedure of enhancing the vitality efficiency of a vintage home to make it less draughty and less expensive (and comfortable) to reside in. This guide talks about bettering your home’s insulation and green energy options.

Part 10 Finishing Off

With all the structural work behind you, it is time to put the completing details to your restoration — this is actually the fun little bit where you truly learn to see your entire hard work pay back. Uncover what you should know about finishing surfaces, floor coverings and woodwork.

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