Body Bashing – Be the Change

You guys, I’m all fired up! This past Saturday, I attended the Women’s March here in Denver.

The march was an opportunity to support social justice, human rights and equality – and to demonstrate that we will be vigilant in protecting these rights moving forward. The crowd was awash with laughter + sisterhood.

Fast forward one day and I’m at the gym, warming up on the treadmill. There’s a woman, about my age, warming up next to me. She is tall + beautiful + thin. She turns to me and says…

“I feel so gross right now. I’ve been traveling for business – and ate way too much and ugh, I’ll never look like the trainer. I just feel so fat.”

She looked exactly like the trainer.

Well – she body bashed to the wrong gal. We had a quick + potent mini coaching session right there on the treads.

You’ve heard this type of body bashing before, right? Like hundreds – maybe thousands of times. Maybe you’ve been this woman – I know I have.

Lovelies – this shit needs to stop.

Here’s how I see it. Right now, you’re in the exact body you’re supposed to be in. You’re in your body because of genetics + the choices you’ve made. Your body is innocent.

Look, I’ve had my moments too – but this notion of my body being exactly as it’s supposed to be, has been tremendously helpful.

When you catch yourself body bashing – give it a whirl…

This is the exact body I’m supposed to be in right now.

And if you want to change your body, focus on what you can control – your choices moving forward.

Hating your body + not being able to do anything about it, is a one-way ticket to powerlessness and despair.

Take your power back!

How about we focus on all the amazing things our bodies do for us every day. Like being able to march for our rights. Like keeping us alive. Like allowing us to kiss + hug the ones we love.

You’re in the EXACT body you’re supposed to be in.

Doesn’t that feel good?

XO ~Robyn

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