Getting Off the Weight Loss Hamster Wheel

Do you sometimes feel like you’re putting a ridiculous amount of energy into trying to lose weight, but getting nowhere? Like a hamster running round and round on its wheel.

You’re not alone.

When we decide it’s time to lose weight, we usually want results and we want them NOW! And the fastest way to get results is to follow the “perfect” diet. Which is true – if you stick with that “perfect” diet long-term.

But we don’t stick with those diets.

Maybe we adhere to it for a few weeks or a few months before our willpower tank hits empty and we devour 47 cookies at Aunt Jane’s cookie exchange.

And once we’ve “screwed up,” we inevitably say, “screw it!”

See if this pattern looks familiar…

  1. Try to change too much at once.
  2. Fail.
  3. Say screw it.
  4. Repeat.

The hardest lesson I’ve ever had to learn around achieving big goals was to sloooooow down. You can’t rush lasting success.

Realizing our big life goals is a lot like learning a new language or a musical instrument. It takes time + practice. There is no express lane, but there is a kind + humane path called setting yourself up for success.

What does it involve? It involves choosing one small healthy habit to focus on. When the habit you’re working on feels “sticky” and solid, add a new one.

I can hear you. But Robyn, it’ll take FOREVER that way!

Let’s say you settle on a habit like eating three servings of fruits or veggies a day and succeed at it 90% of the time. Pretty darn good, right?

Your success generates feelings of confidence + competency and those feelings propel you forward. Then you add a new habit – and you succeed at that one too.

After a year, all those “littles” add up to big changes, plus you’re not effin’ exhausted.

Still skeptical? Ask yourself this question…

How has what you’ve been doing worked out for you so far?

Before you sign up for yet another get thin quick scheme on January 1st, remember this…

The method you follow consistently is so much better than the “perfect” one you quit.

XO ~Robyn

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