Let Peace Bloom (Ending the Toxic Practice of Judgment)

In my previous post, I offered up a simple tool to disrupt your inner bully. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend you do. It’s the easiest way I’ve found to diminish self-shaming.

Unwinding years (and often decades) of bullying yourself may seem hard. But…

…not changing a behavior that affects you in negative ways is hard too.

Making a deliberate choice to end the war with my body was one of the best gifts I ever gave to myself.

When you judge yourself or someone else, you’re not helping yourself or them in any beneficial way.

I grew up in a household where we spent a lot of time picking other people apart. The tradition continues to this day…

  • He walked around with his shirt off. I shouldn’t have to look at that!
  • Did you see how fat cousin blahblahblah got?
  • She needs to put down the cake and go to the gym.
  • Um, has she heard of Botox?

It’s no surprise I struggled with my own self-image fro so long.

I’ve willingly participated in these conversations in the past. I’ve chosen to no longer do so.

Many of us believe bringing other people down will make us feel better. It doesn’t.

What I didn’t realize until very recently, was that my judgment of others had nothing to do with them + their flaws. It had everything to do with me + my insecurities.

I was projecting what was within me onto others. My own judgments + insecurities became judgments about them.

As you become aware of your “other-judgments” you will likely notice how frequently they show up.

Today, I’m asking you to stop giving them a voice.

You’re not a bad person for having these thoughts. Most women do. Instead, become curious.

If you’re judging another woman’s body, look for the lesson. What might be happening with you? What might you be projecting about yourself onto this other person?

Most often, what is happening when we are judging someone else is this…

We are reacting to something we don’t like about ourselves.

We can use our energy for self-shaming and judging – or for compassion and kindness.

So how do you stop giving voice to judgments? Practice.

You may feel like judging other people is just part of who you are – that you can’t change. But you can.

Start with practicing peace around your own body for a minimum of two weeks – and then, move on to other-judgments.

When you notice that you’re judging someone negatively, simply say to yourself, “I choose peace,” or “this doesn’t serve me.” Pick a phrase that resonates with you.

Now you might be thinking, “oh that’s nice, but not me.”

Yes, you!

Women spend way too much time + energy bashing themselves and others. It’s an epidemic. It’s making us miserable. And it needs to stop.

Commit to one day. If it goes well, try two weeks.

Choose peace.

It will change your life.

XO ~Robyn

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