Permission to Slow Down

I’ve been laying low the past few months on purpose. Zero blogging + taking on only a handful of new clients + reading for pleasure + binge watching Big Little Lies (so good!)+ giving myself time to rest and rejuvenate. Because sometimes, no matter how much of a control freak we are – life happens and we need to step on the brakes.

Maybe a parent gets ill or your own health takes a blow or you’re simply worn out from all the go go go. Or all of the above.

Now slowing down is NOT what I normally do. What I normally do when life goes a little sideways is push harder + sleep less + double down. And the result is always crap. So I decided to make a different choice this time. And the result has been 1,000,000 times better.

Here’s my advice for when a life shit storm inevitably descends. Give yourself a break. Forget the freakin’ to-do list and read a book or soak in a bath. Take a mental health day from work and get a massage – or do nothing at all. Hire a babysitter. Say NO to that event or consulting gig or volunteer day at the kiddo’s school. Do the bare minimum. Whatever that looks like for you.

I’m 100% convinced that allowing myself a bit of GUILT FREE downtime is the reason I’m crazy pumped + motivated about the rest of 2017. In fact, I’ve got a brand spanking new 12-month coaching program launching in July. It’s going to be amazing!

Slow Down + Push + Slow Down + Push


Push + Push Harder + MUST KEEP PUSHING! + Collapse

If what you’ve been doing isn’t working – make a different choice. We put WAY more pressure on ourselves than is necessary. The world will not crumble while you’re taking care of you. I promise.

So say no.

Sleep in.

Don’t wash the floors.

Buy less shit you don’t need anyway so you can work a little less.

And don’t be so damn hard on yourself.

XO ~Robyn

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