Pleasure Changes Lives (and bodies)

Picture this. You decide you want to lose weight. You’re ready. This is YOUR time. What’s the first thing you do?

If you’re like most women out there, you clean out the kitchen.

  • No more ice cream
  • Toss the cookies
  • Bread = no bueno

Diet. Fast. Restrict. Detox. Deny. Avoid.

No wonder diets fail 98% of the time.

After nearly a decade of doing this work, what I’ve discovered so many of my clients need more of – is PLEASURE.

More fun + laughter + beauty + love + connection in their daily lives.

When we begin to bring beauty and art and flowers and music and meaningful projects and books back into our lives —then we don’t need to turn to food for our pleasure. We no longer rely on food to satisfy all of our emotional needs.

So how can create more pleasure in your life?

Here’s what I did when I realized that pleasure had left the building. Each week, I stopped by my local florist and bought a small flower arrangement for my office. That’s it.

You’re busy. I get it. That’s okay. Start small – and keep building. Slowly begin to infuse your life with pleasure.

Turn off talk radio while driving and tune into the classical station.

Meet a friend for coffee once a week – or once a month.

Visit your local Farmer’s Market.

Pick a room in your home and update it (I just repainted my office and bought new curtains and now I LOVE being in this space).

Stop buying whatever coffee is on sale and splurge on some gourmet beans.

Buy that pair of bright red sandals.

Paint. Dance. Sing. Love. Light a candle. Connect.

Pleasure changes lives. And bodies.

XO ~Robyn