Shame Free Eating

Healthy eating is NOT all about eating “good” foods and avoiding “bad” foods. I wholeheartedly recommend you toss those labels out with the trash.

Food means different things to different people. Food can be…

  • fuel
  • reward
  • punishment
  • escape
  • shame
  • freedom
  • a way to bond with others
  • a way to check out

For me, food is information.                                          

Food is simply a story that shapes our daily life + health + function.

When food is information there are no “good” or “bad” foods. There are only choices.

Every time you choose to eat one thing over another, you’re voting for what’s really important to you in the here and now. That’s all. No good or bad. No right or wrong. Just a choice based on what matters most to you in that particular moment.

We might choose one food over another…

  • to connect with loved ones
  • to fit in
  • to truly nourish our body
  • to honor our heritage or family traditions
  • to take the edge off a tough day
  • for unadulterated, straight-up joy + pleasure
  • and many many more

No judgement here. You get to decide your priorities. And sometimes other things win out over nutrition.

Instead of judging your food choices as good or bad, consider the reason behind them. And if that reason is to eat for pure pleasure, own it. Slow down and truly savor what you’re eating.

Whatever you decide to eat, drink, or do – choose with intention. When you own your choices instead of judging them, shame and guilt melt away.

XO ~Robyn

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