The Snake and the Rope


Not overeating is easy. You simply eat when you’re physically hungry, stop when you’re satisfied and repeat.

What’s hard are the feelings that show up when we don’t overeat.

When we don’t overeat, we have to feel and we don’t want to.

It’s not that we’re not willing, it’s that most of us haven’t practiced feeling our feelings.

So we eat + distract + numb with food and wine instead of feeling.

We’re afraid of not having the escape.

But what we’re afraid of is harmless.

If you take away the extra food, you get to experience the truth of your life.

Which may seem scary at first, but in actuality – is a very good thing.

We need to know what we’re feeling.

Our feelings are what inspire us to make changes.

When we numb out the feelings, we numb out our desire to change.

Have you heard the story about the snake and the rope?

The author Byron Katie tells a story about seeing a rope in the desert and being terrified, thinking it was a snake.

When she realizes it was just a rope, she knows there is nothing to be afraid of.

Your feelings are not a snake – they’re a rope.

Grab hold.

XO ~Robyn

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