The Surprising Reason I Recommend a Food Plan

Most people blame lack of willpower for their unhealthy choices.

I disagree. Sort of.

When you make a decision, or resist a donut – you’re expending some of the mental currency you have available that day. Each small decision diminishes your daily energy stores.

Check this out…

Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg wear essentially the same thing to work every day. President Obama dresses in a blue or gray suit and Zuckerberg wears a gray T-shirt.

Why? They know they have a day full of decisions ahead of them and a limited amount of mental energy. They put decision making on autopilot where they can.

James Clear explains this phenomenon in his article, How Willpower Works: How to Avoid Bad Decisions…

“As it turns out, your willpower is like a muscle. And similar to the muscles in your body, willpower can get fatigued when you use it over and over again. Every time you make a decision, it’s like doing another rep in the gym. And similar to how your muscles get tired at the end of a workout, the strength of your willpower fades as you make more decisions.

Researchers often refer to this as decision fatigue.”

My primary goal for clients is undoubtedly permanent weight loss, but there’s another objective as well – less thinking + obsessing about food.

I’ve started asking clients to estimate how much time they spend each day thinking about food. The numbers are staggering.

  • I probably shouldn’t eat this.
  • Is this healthy.
  • Maybe just one cookie – okay two.
  • I can burn these extra calories off at the gym.
  • What should I have for lunch?

A simple food plan eradicates much of this mental chatter.

Bands create a set list before a show. Agendas are written for meetings. Homes are built using a blueprint.

So why not approach eating in the same way?

Food plans decrease the number of decisions you need to make – which in turn, reduces stress. And who doesn’t want to reduce stress?

Set aside a few minutes each evening to plan what you’ll eat the following day with as much detail as possible.

Here’s a sample…

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs + Avocado + Slice Sprouted Grain Bread
Lunch: Thai Coconut Salad from Mod Market
Dinner: Leftover Chicken Soup
Snack:  Plain Greek Yogurt with Blueberries + 2 Squares Dark Chocolate

Not only does a food plan reduce stress, it makes it harder to justify eating off plan unless you have a valid reason. Double win!

Skeptical? Try it for one week – and see what happens.

XO ~Robyn

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