What’s the Rush?

Have you seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

It happens to be one of my all-time favorite movies. My childhood best friend Jaimee and I know every line + every song.

Do you remember the awful Veruca Salt?

Guess what? She’s the embodiment of our default brain setting.


We evolved as a species to seek immediate gratification.

Just like Veruca.

Our brain isn’t wired to give a hoot about our long-term health. It only cares that we survive long enough to get our DNA into the next generation (and get a Golden Goose).

The journalist (and meditation student) Dan Harris summed this concept up beautifully in a recent episode of his 10% Happier podcast…

“We are not naturally inclined to do things like exercise or eat healthy or get enough sleep or all the stuff we know from the science is good for us because it’s not the mind that was bequeathed to us by millennia of evolution.”

So are we doomed? Should we just throw in the towel on all this improving our health stuff?

No way. We can override the primitive + want it NOW part of our brain. We simply need to approach behavioral change a little differently.

The #1 reason we struggle to change our behavior for good is because we give up on ourselves too easily.

We don’t want to wait a year or two or three for results.

We don’t want to keep trying.

We want what we want and we want it NOW! Dammit.

Two months to a new you!

Six pack abs in six weeks!

Take a moment to ask yourself, “What’s the rush?”

Really. What’s the big freakin’ rush?

Let’s say you’re 40 years old – and it takes you three years to build a bunch of healthier habits into your life – would you do it?

If you live until 85, that’s 42 years of healthier living. Of feeling better. Of looking better.

A damn good tradeoff in my opinion.

But most of us aren’t willing to wait.

My current mantra when it comes to behavioral change is, “it’ll take as long as it takes.”

It’s been a GAME CHANGER.

I’ve been able to build new healthier habits into my life with this approach – like eating veggies with breakfast and doing yoga nearly every day.

Here’s the recipe for success.

  1. Focus on only ONE habit at a time (keep it SIMPLE).
  2. Keep going until it sticks – for as long as it takes.
  3. ENJOY the journey. Laugh at yourself. Celebrate progress. Learn from setbacks.

We don’t get mad at a toddler when they stumble and fall while learning to walk.

We don’t rush them.

We cheer them on.

We encourage them.

Your health journey can be like this too.

Wholehearted + humane behavioral change is where it’s at.

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XO ~Robyn

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